Environmental Programs Back for the Summer

Summer in New Hampshire presents the perfect opportunity to finally shed some winter layers and spend extended periods of time appreciating and learning about the outdoors. At Inti, our kids know there is much to be learned from the trees, mountains, and stars, so when temperatures have melted the snow covered hills, we take advantage of our surroundings!

Inti used to have a seasoned environmental guide who offered his expertise to the kids through fun tree hugging (literally) events and astronomy lessons. Unfortunately, he has since moved across the country. This summer our environmental programs will revive some of his teachings. Inti kids will have opportunities to walk the beautiful Massabesic trails, to learn about which plants they can actually eat (and which they should steer clear of), to observe the animals that share their woods, and to hike up Mount Ocanunict and sleep under the stars. It is always a special treat for the older kids to get to go on an overnight camping trip complete with building fires (and fire safety lessons) and pitching tents.

In the past, the Inti kids have really enjoyed going out at nighttime to observe the stars and learn about constellations and related mythologies. Another Inti favorite is learning about the different types of animal neighbors they have and how they have evolved to adapt to life here in New Hampshire.  All living things learn to adapt to new surroundings.  Kids too!

These environmental programs have been hugely successful in the past as a way to encourage the kids to appreciate some of what New Hampshire has to offer when she is not covered in snow. Many of the kids are already gearing up to get out!