Fun and Creative Week of Currier Art Camp

Fun and Creative Week of Currier Art Camp

June 20 – 25th was another successful week of art camp at the Currier. This year, six Inti student artists had the opportunity to attend the “Made in America” camp which offered projects ranging from plaster superhero masks to Paper Mache sports trophies, from clay cheeseburgers and french fries to acrylic paint renderings of Gotham City, from shaving cream skylines to watercolor desert landscapes to everything in between!

The day started with pickup and breakfast to get those artistic juices flowing. These kids were ready to go, on time, everyday. Anyone driving down Elm Street around 8:15am could hear a harmony of young voices starting their day with a morning serenade. Top 40 radio was a hit, country was not, and for one child, Beethoven was his favorite.

After breakfast, everyone broke off into their specific courses to work hard until mid-morning snack. Some of the classrooms were silently at work; you could feel the concentration, while other classes were much more vocal with lots of laughter; either way, the creativity was palpable.

The Currier Museum provided lunch for the Inti kids everyday – chicken fingers, pizza, mac and cheese - staples in any American childhood.  After lunch, everyone went outside to run around, hula hoop, draw with chalk or make up silly pretend games. On Thursday, almost the entire camp banded together to play perhaps the most American game of them all, baseball. After recess, all returned to classes to continue working hard in preparation for the big cumulative art show on Friday where students would show off their work to all parents, friends, and staff. The days were hot and the teachers demanded their best work, but despite this, everyone was full of full of energy and fun was had by all. All of them left the week antsy to get back for another camp soon.

One of the most special moments of the week was watching how art bridged gaps between the Inti artists and the other children at camp. The Inti kids are immensely talented, dedicated and thoughtful in their work and in this unique space, that is enough. Kevin Mugisha, an Inti regular and soon to be fifth grader, put it perfectly when he lifted his head from his hands, pensive, and declared, “Art is so beautiful, it is made of life!”

There is another camp coming up in August. Based off of this past camp, that week promises to be just as memorable.