Inti Children Meet College Mentors

Manchester, NH - On Friday, Aug. 24, forty Inti children spent an afternoon with twenty first-year Saint Anselm College students in discussion, soccer, and snacking at the Sheridan-Emmett park in Manchester. The day began with the college students and Inti children introducing themselves to one another, with Inti children asking many questions of their mentors: What is marketing? What does biochemistry study? Why did you choose business as a major? Where is Tennessee? How did you get recruited in Florida to come play football at Saint Anselm? For their part, the college students were impressed by the variety of different ethnicities and backgrounds of all the Inti children—nearly 18 different countries of origin were represented, including Congo, Tanzania, Benin, Spain, Guatemala, Iraq, and Syria, to name a few. Senan, an 11-year Inti child from Benin (West Africa), when asked what he would like to do when he grows up, announced that he would like to “be one of those people who fly to the moon, in the spaceships.” The College students applauded in appreciation and encouragement.

After a group discussion, the college students and Inti children were divided into teams for relay-races, soccer scrimmages, and snacks, with each Inti child able to spend extensive time with at least two college students. Coach Bruno Victal of Saint Ansel College’s Men Soccer led the activities of the day, and was impressed by the way that the college students and Inti children bonded. “As an immigrant from Brazil myself,” Coach Bruno remarked, “I know how difficult it is to be new to a culture, and to feel comfortable enough with your surroundings to begin pursuing your dreams. The college students today offered friendship and mentorship for the Inti children, showing them that they are welcome to our community and that they too can dream about college as a goal for themselves.”