Tolland Soccer Tournament Round Two

On August 27th, three teams of Inti kids will return to the Tolland 3v3 Soccer tournament. The tournament is held in Connecticut and is a round-robin format for the entirety of Saturday. The 3v3 games are played on small fields and are 30 minutes long. Each team plays four games. The Inti teams will travel to Connecticut the day before, and get to stay overnight with host families in preparation for their games the next day.

The tournament was a huge success last year, with many Inti teams walking away with medals and the excitement of getting to stay in host homes in Connecticut. SEI Aarons graciously funded a barbeque for all of the Inti players! Jaime Pendleton, who travelled to the tournament as coach and supervisor, said that the best part about the tournament was the strong connection the Inti kids formed with the suburban Connecticut kids.  She said, “They became friends in an instant.  They were all hanging out and the next day the host families came to cheer on their Inti friends in the tournament.” All the players who competed last year - and those who realized they missed out on the fun - are excited to participate this year.